Solar Leading Enters PV-based LED Streetlight Market

Chinese solar power hardware manufacturer Solar Leading has entered the new photovoltaic (PV) street light product market, which is designed with the aim of providing longer lifetime and low energy consumption lights to cities and companies, reported IHS Electronics 360.

Under the new brand name of Senior LED, Solar Leading’s LED lighting business arm, it aims to profit from the street light market where many Solar Leading’s PV-based streetlights can enable year round of illumination.

The streetlights are able to illuminate and operate 365 days, due to its intelligent control system and light output that can be adjusted automatically based on battery power. Components including the battery, LEDs, and PV panels are all independent of each other in this system, and can be swapped if the occasion rises.

PV LED panels are fully adjustable and can take maximum advantage of solar radiation compared to other solar streetlights that have panels that are positioned at a fixed angle based on latitude.

The solar company plans to initially release the streetlight sin Asia, Latin America and Middle East, but has future plans to introduce the products to U.S. and other European markets.

Source: Solar Leading Enters PV-based LED Streetlight Market – LEDinside

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