Turkey shoots down ‘Su-24’ jet used by Russia and Syria after violating its air space

Sources close to president confirm nationality of flaming Su-24 fighter seen spiralling into the ground in Syria

  • Turkish army shoots down Russian war plane on Syrian border
  • The jet violated Turkish air space and ignored warnings, army says
  • Pilots ejected themselves from plane, which went down on the Syrian side

By Sara Malm for MailOnline


The war plane shot down by Turkish military near its border to Syria was Russian, Ankara and Moscow confirms.

The plane, a Russian Sukhoi Su-24, was shot down by Turkish army F-16 fighter jets early Tuesday morning.

Turkish army officials say the Russian plane had violated the country’s air space close to the Syrian border and was shot down after ignoring several warnings.

However, Russia’s Ministry of Defense claims the jet was in Syrian airspace, and was shot down from the ground.

Footage of the incident has emerged on Turkish news websites and shows the plane engulfed in flames come crashing down in a woodland area.

Turkish media reports said the plane’s two pilots ejected by parachute, and that helicopters were deployed to capture them before they landed.

Footage from private broadcaster Haberturk TV showed a warplane going down in flames in a woodland area, a long plume of smoke trailing behind it.

Source: Turkey shoots down ‘Su-24’ jet used by Russia and Syria after violating its air space | Daily Mail Online

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