The Canucks Have To Find A Way…Just Saying

By Andrew Phillip Chernoff  December 4, 2015   Just Saying….



The script is getting old, and tired, and is in need of a refreshing change.

In my opinion, the stench that lingers after the last two months, more than indicates that the present incarnation of the Vancouver Canucks has expired and needs to be tossed and replaced with a new and improved.

And the game on Saturday night against the Boston Bruins, is the best game to start.

I remember when growing up in the 70’s and following my favourite Canucks, and the great games Boston and Vancouver would have. Bobby Schmautz and other Canucks would rise to the occasion and have their best games of the season against them. Especially Schmautz.

Well, it is time, for the next incarnation of the 2015-16 Vancouver Canucks to take the ice.

And what will it take?

Well, Canuck coach Willie Desjardins was very direct in the post-game interview after the Dallas game on Thursday night, after the Canucks lost 4-2, about his disappointment.

To the point, the Vancouver players need to find a way.

When Desjardins was asked about his team getting 16 shots on net, in two straight games against Dallas and LA, Desjardins admitted that the Canucks have to create more opportunities if they are going to be successful:

The only thing you can do is work your way out of it. You know people aren’t gonna feel sorry for ya. We gotta work our way out of it. It’s gonna be tough…and you know, what , when you come into the rink tomorrow….you have to work to get better. And it’s just, it should be that way everyday, win or lose, that’s how you should approach the rink, but especially when things go tough, that’s when you need your leadership, that’s when you need guys stepping up and getting better.

As for whether there is enough behind the Sedins to give the Canucks that secondary scoring punch and support, Desjardins responded that he believes there is, and continued by saying:

But It has to happen on the ice…me believing it, or whatever, doesn’t….it has to come out on the ice. And we need better performances on the ice. That’s not good enough. Like I thought today, you know I thought there were times in the first period that, we looked like, we might battle through and be ok, and get a goal.We didn’t give them an awful lot; they had the couple power plays, but we have to…it’s easy to believe when things go good….it’s harder when they don’t go good…and right know they’re not going good for us…right now we’re disappointed withthe overtime losses, and with all the stuff that’s built up, we got lots of losses, and it’s  disappointing ‘cause that’s not where we want to be. But at the same time, that’s how you get better. You have to find a way.  It’s a tough league and that’s what you gotta do.

Desjardins was asked by a reporter, if the third periods and so many one goal losses were affecting the psyche of the players, especially the younger players. “You’re in every game but it seems you’re coming out on the wrong end..”

It’s a battle to keep believing,when things don’t happen.It’s easy to believe when things happen. When it doesn’t happen, its a lot harder. But, what are your choices? You don’t have any choice. Your choice is to believe that it’s gonna happen and you gotta  make it happen. Like, if you don’t believe and you hesitate when your doing something, your lost already. So, you have to go in convinced at what you’re doing and you have to go hard. That’s the only way you’ll be successful in this league. So, mentally, we have to accept where we’re at and we have to be prepared to play hard. We know what we’re doing. The guys know the systems,they just have to have confidence that if we play hard we’ll get our opportunities.

Desjardins did not leave the post-game without sharing his expectation for Saturday night against the Boston Bruins:

Boston is a must game. We have to see a good performance against Boston. We have to see it.

After the morning skate on Friday, Desjardin met with the media, and was asked what bothered him the most about the Dallas game:

I don’t think we’ve played as well the last three games. And, that bothers me. I want to be good at home. The results bother me. But, I understand those will happen. You’re not gonna win every game but that’s something that happens. You don’t get used to it. And you don’t enjoy it. But that’ll happen. It’s how you play that matters. I thought the first period we were ok. They didn’t get a lot. But in the second , for whatever reason, we didn’t find our legs and if you don’t skate with Dallas, you’re going to be in trouble. You have to skate with them. And, they’re one of the best skating teams in the league. So, that’s abit of a push for us to do that. We did it in Dallas; we showed in Dallas, we could do it, and last night, we just couldn’t stay with it. So for me, the Anaheim game bothered me and kinda set it up for the next two, I guess.

As for his expectation of the team for Saturday night, he was asked to clarify whether “Boston is a must game.” meant a win, or a must show up. Desjardins response, after admitting he expected the question to be asked:

It’s a must game where you have to play hard. For me, and every game, is a must game where you gotta play hard. That’s what we do. So I think our guys are looking forward to that opportunity to go out and play. Will it be a hard game? For sure, it’s gonna be a hard game but I expect us to have a good effort.

I expect a similar effort with the Boston Bruins, that Canuck fans saw against the Chicago Blackhawks recently. It was a victory that night, a very emotional game, where the Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin and Jannick Hansen had an outstanding game.


I have thrown out the old script, I just hope Vancouver does not take it out of the garbage and use it tomorrow night…..Just Saying


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