Canadian government should create a uniquely Canadian version of a Green Entrepreneurial State, Broadbent Institute Encourages


Canada’s First Ministers are meeting in Vancouver this week to develop a framework to tackle climate change. The stakes for our planet are high and the opportunities to transform our economy are immense.

A Green Entrepreneurial State as Solution to Climate Federalism, authored by one of our policy fellows, Brendan Haley, argues that market approaches like carbon pricing, though vital and necessary to reducing emissions, cannot do the job alone. Government and public investment must play an important role in shaping the direction of technological innovation towards a low carbon future.

Help us get out the message that we need strong federal leadership with a policy focus on developing specific green technologies and industries that play to this country’s regional strengths and can ensure a green transition.

Download:  A Green Entrepreneurial State as Solution to Climate Federalism

Thanks for all your help with this,

Jonathan Sas
Director of Research
Broadbent Institute


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