From The Lens: Rainbows, Overturned Car, And A Pleasant Walk With The Dogs

March 7th, 2016:

Trail BC rainbow Trail BC rainbow_1 Trail BC rainbow_2

Trail BC rainbow_3

March 4rth, 2016:

Trail BC_vehicle on side on Wilmes Lane.

February 27th, 2016:

IMG_9346aa IMG_9347aa IMG_9353aa IMG_9356aa IMG_9358aa IMG_9363aa IMG_9365aa IMG_9368aa IMG_9377aa IMG_9382bb

IMG_9387aa IMG_9389aa

IMG_9391aa IMG_9393aa IMG_9394aa IMG_9395aa IMG_9399aa IMG_9401aa IMG_9404aa IMG_9405aa IMG_9408aa IMG_9410aa IMG_9410cc IMG_9413aa IMG_9421aa IMG_9425aa

IMG_9429aa IMG_9430aa IMG_9440aa IMG_9442aa IMG_9442ccc

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