Woman wakes from coma to reveal boyfriend who stayed by bedside put her there

The not-so-loving story behind this boyfriend’s devotion. Picture: Weibo

HE WAS praised as a hero in Chinese media, pledging to take care of his partner for life after she was admitted to hospital with brutal head injuries, which left her in an eight-month coma.

But this romantic story is now under investigation, after the young woman woke from her coma, and accused the man in the photos, her boyfriend, as being the reason behind her brutal injuries.

Lin Yingying was placed in a coma in 2014 after receiving head injuries so severe, she was left in a vegetative state.

For 8-months, her partner Liu Fenghe stayed by her side, providing over $41,000 towards treatment, and telling reporters “I want to take care of her for the rest of my life. Even if I have to push her around in a wheelchair, I would be happy.”

But several months after Lin woke up, the 22-year-old revealed it was in fact Liu who put her in a coma, saying he beat her repeatedly when she accidentally burnt loaves of bread in the couple’s bakery.

The young woman went on to admit that the beating wasn’t the only instance of violence towards her.

During her coma, Liu had initially told doctors the injuries were due to a fall from at least five storeys.

The young woman’s family were shut-out by the 25-year-old man, having been told they were not allowed to visit her.

But the truth of her injury started to come out when, in February 2015, the young woman was released, and her family were able to take her home.

When she officially woke in May, Lin refused to speak out about her boyfriend’s violence, concerned about how he may react.

But after encouragement from her father, who said “you have died once, what more are you afraid of? It’s time to confront reality,” Lin told Chinese reporters what really happened.

According to the Daily Mail, the young woman recalled burning loaves of bread by accident, and that Liu became furious and hit her over the head with a rolling pin. While she lay on the floor, she could hear Liu making a call to emergency services.

The incident has been reported to authorities for investigation.

Source: Woman wakes from coma to reveal boyfriend who stayed by bedside put her there


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