Editorial Cartoons: March 14, 2016


Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator Ð Wednesday March 9, 2016 Trudeau and Obama forging special relationship, White House says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is winning praise from the White House for his leadership on climate change ahead of this week's visit to Washington where that issue will be high on the agenda. In a call with reporters Tuesday morning, officials from President Barack Obama's administration also noted the personal relationship that is developing between the two leaders. Obama extended the invitation for a state visit and dinner, the first in 19 years for a Canadian prime minister, when he met Trudeau at the APEC summit late last year. The officials said Canada and the U.S. always have a close relationship, regardless of who occupies 24 Sussex Drive or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but they acknowledged Trudeau and Obama have a lot in common. Trudeau arrives in the U.S. capital Wednesday along with his wife Sophie GrŽgoire-Trudeau and a delegation that includes five cabinet members: Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna, Foreign Affairs Minister StŽphane Dion, International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo. They will attend a lavish state dinner at the White House on Thursday night after a day of meetings in the Oval Office and at the State Department. The White House officials discussed the close bilateral relationship between the two countries in terms of trade and defence but they paid particular attention to how Canada and the U.S. are co-operating on the environment file and suggested there is a change in tone since Trudeau defeated former prime minister Stephen Harper in October. "Since Prime Minister Trudeau assumed office we have also had tremendous co-operation with Canada on climate and clean energy issues," said Roberta Jacobson, assistant secretary of state, bureau of Western Hemisphere affairs. (Source: CBC News) http

Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator Ð Friday March 11, 2016 Justin Trudeau, 'the anti-Trump' Justin Trudeau and his entourage arrived in Washington to the warm applause of the American media. Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post and others have cloaked him in the rapture of an international celebrity. This is unusual -- even unprecedented -- for a prime minister of Canada, the northern neighbor that Americans know as friendly, reliable, cold and dull. But no prime minister has looked and sounded like this one in a generation -- certainly not since his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, ran the country. When President Barack Obama hosts him at a state dinner Thursday at the White House -- the first for a Canadian leader since 1998 -- it will be a prime opportunity for Justin Trudeau to show the new face of Canada, the second most diverse country in the world, as progressive, moderate and tolerant. In a sense, everything that the United States is not in this election season. It's a theme Trudeau has embraced since the surprising election of his Liberal Party on October 19, ending almost 10 years of the divisive government of Conservative Stephen Harper. More striking, Trudeau's image contrasts with the stern face that the United States has shown the world in its winter of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton -- old, gray, loud and scowling. What is interesting about Trudeau -- who has been called "the anti-Trump" -- is how he, his politics, and his country are diverging dramatically from the United States. It helps explain the fascination in Trudeau beyond his looks (6 feet 2 inches), his youth (44), his elegant wife and his patrician pedigree. In fact, amid the demagoguery and vulgarity of the presidential race, Trudeau personifies something entirely different: youth, idealism, warmth and hope. It is not accidental that his delegation to Washington includes two senior women ministers, underscori

Saturday March 12, 2016 Bird watchers asked not to post sightings from Dundas' Olympic Woods Bird watchers have been asked not to post sightings from the Olympic Woods section of a Royal Botanical Garden special protection area. Bruce Mackenzie, director of the Hamilton Naturalists Club bird study group, posted the request on the HNCÕs Hamilton Birders email group, as well as an update stating Naturalists Club representatives will be meeting with RBG staff this week to discuss the use of RBG lands by the public Ð in particular the area behind Westoby Arena on Olympic Drive. ÒRBG has recently posted No Trespassing signs in the area behind Olympic Park. They have asked the members of the HNC to refrain from using the Hopkins Woods Special Protection Area,Ó Mackenzie, a former Hamilton Conservation Authority staffer, posted on the email group. ÒThe RBG has the right to direct how users may use or enter their landsÉthe (HNC) asks members to note the new signs and be respectful of the instructions.Ó The RBG recently began actively enforcing no trespassing rules in the area, after ongoing use of unofficial trails and popularity of the area on Internet bird watching sites. Tys Theysmeyer, director of natural lands at the RBG, said the meeting with HNC representatives was already planned Ð but the Olympic Woods issues raise new areas where the organizations can work together. Theysmeyer said among the topics to work on are finding a source of revenue to manage RBG areas, and an overall management plan for the area between Dundas and Cootes Paradise. ÒIt seems to have been forgotten that we are constantly searching for funds for the trail systems we currently provide Ð as are all the park system partners,Ó Theysmeyer said. (Source: Dundas Star News) http://www.thespec.com/news-story/6387312-bird-watchers-asked-not-to-post-sightings-from-dundas-olympic-woods/ Hamilton, Dundas, Royal Botanical Gardens, RBG, birders, conservation, nature, birding, trail, hiking

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