From The Past: Chicago Fugitive Banker Stensland Thought To Be Spotted In Midway According To Prominent Business Man

Suspect Not Arrested

Police Constable Charged With Neglecting His Duties

Is Not Stensland But Prominent Californian Visiting Province With Wife

Wrecking Of A Chicago Bank

The Daily Colonist, Victoria, B.C., August 21. 1906

The Daily Colonist, Victoria, B.C., August 21. 1906


The Salt Lake Herald, Salt Lake City, Utah, August 19, 1906


Spokane Press, Spokane, Washington, August 19, 1906


Minneaspolis Journal_aug19_1906-pg_3


Boundary Creek Times, Greenwood B.C._aug24_1906_Page_1


Greenwood Ledge, Greenwood B.C., Aug30_1906_pg_3


The Virginia enterprise. (Virginia, St. Louis County, Minn.) September 28, 1906


Bisbee daily review. (Bisbee, Ariz.) September 25, 1906


The San Francisco Call, San Francisco, Calif., September 27, 1906


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