Cancer interactive tool to raise awareness of ‘lifestyle factor’ risks 

Australians can assess their cancer risk using a website that will be launched today by the Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley.

Ms Ley said the interactive tool asked participants about their drinking, smoking and exercise habits, diet and weight in a bid to highlight how lifestyle factors can contribute to the risk of cancer.

“130,000 people are going to be diagnosed with cancer in Australia this year,” Ms Ley said.

“We want that number to come down and we want people to realise they can do something about their own risk.”

Ms Ley said some cancer cases in Australia could be prevented if people increased their awareness of the risk.

“We all sometimes think ‘oh I hope that doesn’t happen to me’,” she said.

“What this tool aims to do is educate people how to make sure it doesn’t happen to them, or at least it minimises their risk.”

You can check your cancer risk here: Cancer Australia — lifestyle risk

Source: Cancer interactive tool to raise awareness of ‘lifestyle factor’ risks – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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