Understanding the CCF: Co-operative Commonwealth Federation


Understanding the CCF No.1: How the CCF began. Issued by the Provincial Education Committee C.C.F. (B.C.-Yukon Section) 1953.

Source: https://archive.org

The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) (French: Fédération du Commonwealth Coopératif, from 1955 the Parti social démocratique du Canada) was a social-democratic[2] and democratic socialist[3] political party in Canada. The CCF was founded in 1932 in Calgary, Alberta, by a number of socialist, agrarian, co-operative, and labour groups,[4] and the League for Social Reconstruction. In 1944, the CCF formed the first social-democratic government in North America when it was elected to form the provincial government in Saskatchewan.[5] In 1961, the CCF was succeeded by the New Democratic Party (NDP). The full, but little used, name of the party was Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (Farmer-Labour-Socialist).[6] 

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Co-operative_Commonwealth_Federation

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1932-1961


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