Workplace Democracy–Broadbent Institute

Workplace democracy speaks to an ever-present need to advance the fundamental rights of employees to associate freely and to have some say over business decisions that affect their lives. It also speaks to the need to respect the expertise that employees develop day in and day out on the job and, importantly, to strengthen protections and extend rights to marginalized workers who are bearing the brunt of the shift to low-wage, insecure, precarious work.

In this discussion paper, authors Rafael Gomez, Professor & Director of the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto and Juan Gomez, Senior Partner, Policy and Public Affairs at ThinkTank Toronto, offer recommendations on a path forward.

As part of the Institute’s effort to renew a national dialogue on workplace democracy, we will be publishing responses to this discussion paper from a diversity of perspectives throughout the summer. Stay tuned for responses on our blog.


Download Workplace Democracy

Source: Workplace Democracy

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