From The Past: Cranbrook Hearld Newspaper of June 28th, 1900 Perpetrates Hoax


From The Past: The Cranbrook Hearld, June 28th, 1900

By Andrew Phillip Chernoff

On Thursday, June 28, 1900 the Cranbrook Hearld newspaper published an article in its paper that would gather attention, raise a few eyebrows, result in a few laughs and create embarrassment for two other newspapers.

The article, titled “Taking A Look Forward: Excerpts From The ‘Morning Hearld’ Of September 10, 1907”, that showed the following occurrences at that time:  “Conflageration In The Warehouse District—Loss Nearly Half A Million” and “A Great Labor Strike Imminent”.



On July 13, 1900, the Slocan Drill newspaper published an article that exposed the above Cranbrook Hearld post as a hoax, claiming two newspapers, the Spokane Review and Sandon Paystreak “were both caught for suckers having re-published the item as an alleged fact of today. It is a horse on them”.




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