Canucks GM Benning Seeking Left Winger By Hockey Trade, Won’t Trade Hansen

VancouverCanucksCANUCKS BANTER     By Andrew Chernoff    July 14, 2016


In an article in the Province by Ben Kuzma today, Vancouver Canucks GM Jim confirmed he is seeking a second-line left winger

“We’ve been talking to some teams and it would be a hockey trade,” summed up Benning. “The first part of free agency was guys signing and the second layer is going to be teams wanting to move contracts or bodies. Teams know what we’re looking for and we’ll see how it goes.”

Benning also told Kuzma, that Jannik Hansen, who was not shopped at the trade deadline or the draft, is not available for trade.

“We’re not moving Jannik,” he stressed. “I thought he was excellent for us last year and with the way the game is going with speed and skill, he fits that description perfectly. And we have him under a good (cap) number the next couple of years, so we’re not looking to do anything.”

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