Trail B.C. Regional Airport Gets Terminal Building Funding Of $1,180,935

July 23, 2016       By Andrew Phillip Chernoff

The Government of British Columbia is providing more than $8 million in funding this year to support infrastructure improvements at 23 community and regional airports in B.C., including the Trail, B.C. regional airport, which is receivig funding of $1,180,935 for a terminal building.

The provincial government made the announcement on July 22, in a press release:

“Across B.C., airports serve as a vital transportation link and a lifeline for the many smaller communities they serve,” said Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone.

“Providing funding support for smaller and regional airports through our B.C. Air Access Program supports the continued growth of local, regional and provincial economies by keeping people and cargo moving.”

Through the program, the ministry cost-shares with public airports on projects such as lighting and navigational systems, terminal building expansion or upgrades, and runway improvements. These types of projects will allow airports to improve safety, accommodate larger aircraft and more frequent flights, and further support the continuing growth of local and provincial economies.

The ministry is investing $24 million over three years for the B.C. Air Access Program.

The program also encourages funding partnerships with the federal government, local and regional governments and agencies, and the private sector. Last year, the program provided just over $6 million toward improvements at 10 regional airports throughout the province.

B.C. on the Move is government’s 10-year plan for the improvement of the province’s transportation network. The actions prioritized in B.C. on the Move will enhance safety, grow the economy, maintain and replace aging infrastructure, and support trade for B.C.’s expanding resource sectors through Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway.

Over the next three years, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will invest almost $2.7 billion to improve British Columbia’s transportation network.

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