Too Much 2011 Stanley Cup Finals On Front Pages and TV Instead of Politics? Suck It Up Princess….Just Saying….

June 4, 2011

I can not understand the belief of some people that there is too much Stanley Cup Final news hitting the front pages of newspapers, webpages and tv news telecasts.

When it comes to politics, our political commentators are just jealous that they are not front and center with their opinions trying to make us believe they have it right and want us to believe their viewpoint and hype on a particular issue or concern.

As for politicians in Canada, whether provincial MLA’s or federal MP’s, it seems the government in power in at each of those political levels would rather be away from the legislature and parliament, and I am speaking specifically about British Columbia and Ottawa.

The issues and concerns affecting Canadian citizens and the people of British Columbia should be discussed, debated, dealt with and resolved in the legislature and in parliament and not on radio, television, the internet and television.

The voters of BC and Canada have elected people to represent them to play politics. Not to have a holiday away from the legislature and parliament.

Christy Clark would rather get paid for staying away from the workplace, not put in the time in the legislature, exercising her grip on provincial power by evading accountability in the legislature for her and her party decisions.

We will see in BC, our MLA’s spend more time away from sitting, and doing the business of this province, then they actually will sit in the legislature. I have a problem with that.

I don’t get paid by my employer for NOT ATTENDING THE WORK PLACE and doing my job. Yes, I get holidays. Those holidays do not amount to more than 25 a year. MLA’s have missed considerably more than 25 days from the legislature. And the control for sitting in the legislature is primarily in the hands of the Liberals.

The same can be said for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. Before the recent election, his past governments spent more time away from parliament not doing the business than actually sitting and dealing with day to day issues and concerns, debating important matters of government. We will see if anything changes with his overwhelming majority.

If the Canucks and Bruins are outshining our politicians in Victoria and Ottawa, and taking over the front pages, the number one news item at the top of the news on tv and radio newscasts, and are the topic of conversation on satellite radio and the internet, then our elected MLA’s and MP’s and political leadership should actually do something worthy of attention.

The Canucks and Bruins are battling. They are doing what they are getting paid to do. They are fulfilling their goals and objectives. They are being subjected to accountability by their fans and the referees. They are being rewarded when they succeed and they endeavor to do more and play better as teams. The results are clearly transparent.

Hmmm….our politician’s could learn from their example, especially if they want my attention.

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