Vancouver Canucks Coach Did Not Help Cause In Game 6….Just Saying….

June 15, 2011

I watched the first period of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final Series between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins on Monday, June 13 and yes, it was unlucky 13 for sure but should it have been?

I was disgusted by the poor coaching decision of Alain Vigneault to let Roberto Luongo continue in net after not only the first goal scored against him but especially the second goal.

I was under the impression that the Canucks….THE TEAM….was trying to WIN THE GAME and the coach OF THE TEAM was supposed to control who played, when they played, the line combinations, all so the TEAM COULD WIN.

It was evident to me and millions of other people watching the game that Luongo was not sharp on the first goal scored by Boston against him….and not up to the kind of performance expected on the second goal scored against him either.

So, instead of pulling Luongo, and giving HIS TEAM….THE TEAM…a chance to come back and perhaps WIN THE GAME with Cory Schneider, Vigneault leaves Luongo in net.

The Canucks have had a hard time throughout the Final Series scoring goals against Tim Thomas, who more than likely will win the Conn Smythe tropy as the MVP of the 2011 playoffs whether the Bruins win the Stanley Cup or not.

So, the Canucks with two games at home by 1-0 scores and in the sixth game they fall behind 2-0 and the coach does not consider that serious….maybe help his players out by pulling their starting goalie who obviously is not focused on the game and is giving the Bruins added momentum with each goal they score against him….NO OF COURSE NOT…WHY SHOULD THE COACH ACT LIKE A COACH?

The result is another goal on Luongo for a 3-0 score and then the hook from the game. The Canucks have been challenged all through the 2011 NHL Playoffs with scoring goals against opposition goalies, why should Game 6 be any different?

Vigneault did his coaching resume no favours and did his players disrespect by making them try to comeback from a 3-0 deficit. He should have pulled Luongo after the first goal, given him an opportunity to shake it off, allowed Schneider to come in and settle his teammates down and if Luongo deserved to go back in the game, then so be it.

Instead, Vigneault was not interested in winning the game or putting his team in a position to win the game. He sought to give the Canucks a tough challenge, to rise to the occasion and pull out the miracle of miracles. Why? Was it the money they are paying Luongo? Blind confidence in the face facts to the opposite?

The Canucks are a man down with Mason Raymond out of the game with now what is a serious back injury that will sideline him up to four months or more. Then down by three goals, and Vigneault is using those facts as inspiration? If not, then what?

No reporter I can find has addressed this with Vigneault and of course Vigneault will not be put on the spot about his lack of coaching leadership. To do nothing early and to do nothing until after the third goal was all Boston needed to win the game.

Both teams after Luongo was finally pulled did nothing more than play for Game 7 in Vancouver on Wednesday, June 15.

If I wasone of the Canucks, why would I play like crazy at a 110 per cent to win Game 6, when my coach did nothing more than assist Boston by putting us down 3-0 and then expect us to make up for his mistake not to act like a coach? Maybe Vigneault is twisted and Gilles too.

The Canucks missed a great opportunity to win the Stanley Cup in Game 6. The Bruins had to win. The Canucks could have had a better chance if their coach had remembered that the object of their being in Boston was to WIN and not lose….and his job was to put the Canucks into a position so they could win….NOT LOSE.

Let’s hope the Canucks can do it on home ice in Game 7 even with Vigneault behind the bench. And win in spite of him.

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