Overtime Issue And The REAL Truth…..Just Saying….

December 1, 2013 Just-saying

Once again I have come across some non verbal diarrhea where someone has spewed babble from the bowels of his head, instead of his mouth, with out any regard for  the truth  just to incite discord, divisiveness , and erroneous use, and disrespect of the word “understanding”. Whether intended or not.

What is more disconcerting is that the Province newspaper published it, and are just as responsible for allowing for the piece to be published and circulated without regard to facts but considering our newspapers are just as polluted with filth, disregard to truth, as our streets, legislatures and of course parliament are, I should not be surprised……Just Saying…..

Anywhoos….take a read for yourself at both the letter to the editor and the response.

Look at the contracts

I am responding to the article about nurses’ overtime bills with deep concern about the reckless spending of our health budgets.

You should take a hard look at the union contracts and I urge you to disclose to the public how the nurses schedules are structured and many hours of straight time are worked before overtime is paid. You will be shocked at what you find out.

The union has negotiated a pretty lucrative contract that pays as much overtime as straight time.

Tim Nemeth, Chilliwack

We’re getting better

As the largest health authority in B.C., with more than 22,000 employees and serving more than a third of British Columbians, Fraser Health takes the issue of overtime seriously. Our concern is not only the cost of overtime, but also for the safety and overall well-being of our staff.

Your article did not note that we have reduced overtime. In the last three months, our overtime costs dropped by $1.2 million, or 17 per cent. We are committed to ensuring employees are working in a safe environment and that we facilitate healthy work schedules.

Additionally, we have an active recruitment strategy. Over the last three years, we have hired more than 1,000 nurses and invested more than $10 million in specialty education for our nurses.

Given the complexity and unpredictable nature of health care and the emergency services we provide, there will always be overtime, but we are committed to reducing this to ensure our staff have appropriate work-life balance and that we are able to better manage costs.

Vivian Giglio, vice president, clinical operations, Fraser Health

The right of Freedom of Speech comes with a high price at times. Good thing there are people that strive on presenting, and representing the facts, and the truth, even though it may be easier to lie, misrepresent, mislead, for self-serving gain, whatever that may be.