Are Canadians “fickle, wing nuts”? Is Trudeau “unprepared, gaffe prone”? Former U.S. Senate Aide Says They Are

October 21, 2015   Andrew Phillip Chernoff  Just Saying….Just-saying

Trudeau Victory Bad For U.S., World At Large: Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy did not like the 2015 Federal Election result.

He  is all sad and crying tears for the nation of Canada, after years of having a man crush on Stephen Harper.

“The downfall of the Harper government is a defeat for a conservative admired by many on the right in U.S. politics,” according to Kennedy.

Who is Sean Kennedy?  Sean Kennedy is a writer based in Washington. Previously, he was a U.S. Senate aide, television producer and a fellow at public policy think tanks. He lived in Canada and observed the last federal election in Canada firsthand., according to CNN.

I think his head was in the cloud on some wacky-tobacco, and in reruns of his favourite Richard Nixon home movies, when he coined his dribble.

In his article for CNN, titled “Justin Trudeau victory in Canada is bad news for U.S. conservatives”, Kennedy let’ it all hang out, not flattered in the least about the Canadian election outcome;  sulking over the Harper conservatives loss  and his disdain for the Canadian voters for getting his man in Canada,  “…booted out of office after nine years of steadily manoeuvring the ship of state.”

Steadily manoeuvring Canada? Maybe, over Niagara Falls.

On how and why Canadians voted for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in resounding fashion, Kennedy explains it this way:

The fickle Canadian voters were tired, though. Tired of the scandals and unforced errors that come with years of unchecked power (Canada’s parliamentary system is a unitary executive-legislative branch). Political appointees and friends of Harper’s couldn’t resist feeding at the taxpayers’ trough. Though the trail never led directly to Harper, the scandal only fed a public perception that the cool-to-a-fault, calculating (and yes, even Nixonian) Prime Minister was up to no good.

We fickle Canadians…..The majority of the Canadian electorate punted Harper to the sidelines, and did not vote for the  Lord and Saviour Stephen Harper. Canadians instead were:  patriotic, tried, responsible, true, pertinacious, tenacious, secure, staunchincorruptiblenationalistic, unalterable, sure.

Kennedy just can not understand it. His American peanut-sized brain just can’t put his head around it.

Harper was defeated by, “ the unprepared, gaffe-prone but well-coiffed son of a former prime minister, Justin Trudeau.” , Kennedy writes, probably after another puff of his wacky tobacco.

How is that possible?  How was it that the Harper punch bowl just did not have enough of that elixir to make us all Harperites and submissive to his voting will at the ballot box from coast-to-coast-to-coast?

After all, look what  what Harper and the Conservatives did for Canadians,eh:

Canada under Harper’s leadership was a conservative wonderland with balanced budgets, increasingly low taxes and a robust foreign policy aimed at taking on terrorists and bullies the world over.

Harper’s fate is all the more shocking when you consider how well Canada weathered the 2008-2009 financial crisis under his watch. He didn’t bail out anyone (except the U.S.-based auto industry), no financial institutions failed and the Canadian economy hummed along.

With sky-high oil prices and other resources reaching record highs, Canada got rich as other industrial powers paid top dollar (or top loonie, if you will) for the raw materials they needed to grow. As oil prices fell off a cliff, the Canadian economy slowed, even briefly dipping into recession this year. But Harper made the necessary cuts and kept taxes low. Amazingly, he balanced the budget ahead of schedule as the commodity markets nosedived.

When Harper introduced anti-terror legislation called C-51, or “Canada’s Patriot Act,” after prominent attacks inspired by radical Islam, the wing nuts of Canada’s left came out of the woodwork, painting the Prime Minister as a tyrant in the making.

Harper took a stand for an inclusive, but fully Westernized and assimilating Canada — banning the niqab, or face veil, from being worn at citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.

Canada is in for it now. Prepare for end times. The world will now turn its back on Canada.

According to Kennedy, Harper and the Conservatives,  were the authors and implementers of, “Canada’s Miracle”, which was:

….surviving the financial crisis, balancing budgets, slashing red tape and taxes while maintaining a healthy welfare state….

According to Kennedy, “The Conservative Party’s loss is to the detriment of its neighbours to the south and the world at large…”

Well, in the Great White North, in a country called Canada, on October 19, 2015, the Canadian voters took back Canada from Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Stay within your borders United States and Global community; or be prepared to suffer the consequences of challenging Canadian sovereignty, if you dare; upon which every disobedient nation  will be subjected to the unleashing of hundreds of thousands of hockey pucks.

My advice to Kennedy, the United States of America, and the rest of the Nations in the world, who have issue with democracy at its finest,  as demonstrated by the massive, historic, resounding landslide of Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal Party: Most unlearned reviewer! fortunate would it be for your own sakes and ours, could you but fix your eyes upon the stifling smoke issuing from your own home, instead of keeping them busy with your spy-glasses in watching our  motions across in Canada.{Note: thanks be to Louisa Susanna Cheves McCord, and her book Political and Social Essays for assistance in the advice}

Just Saying…..