Justin Trudeau and His Liberals Take Canada With A Resounding Victory For The Ages….Just Saying….


October 19, 2015         Andrew Phillip Chernoff     Just-sayingJust Saying….

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals started out in the Maritimes with a massive showing of red, and the momentum just carried them  westward, both in acquiring seats and  the popular vote.

Big defeat for the NDP.  A fitting outcome for Stephen Harper to end his political career. A crowning achievement for his legacy.

Every other party lost seats and popular vote to the Trudeau Liberal tsunami , which did not look back on the night.

Justin Trudeau joins his dad, Pierre Elliott Trudeau as the first father-son Prime Minister team in Canadian political history.

Just like his father, Justin Trudeau has managed during his political career to carve out his own political identity, communicating   it and shaping it eloquently in public and in social media to Canadians from coast-to-coast-to coast.

Canadians felt the best way to defeat Stephen Harper and his Conservatives, was to support Trudeau and the Liberals.

The message was signed, sealed and delivered.

Liberal strength was clear and decisive coming  primarily at the expense of the New Democrats more so than the Conservatives.

It did not take long for CBC to make its call for Justin Trudeau as the next Prime Minister of Canada, making that call at 6:40 pm Pacific Standard Time.

With the Liberals all but assured to become the federal party to lead Canada, the only question was majority or minority government.

Well, within three-quarters of an hour of calling Trudeau the next Prime Minister, CBC called a Liberal majority government, and the rest is history.

Trudeau and the Liberals now have to answer the bell of parliament and put action behind the hype, the rhetoric, the promises, and the bold statements of the election campaign.

The honour and privilege they have been given by Canadians, in taking Canada back from Harper and his Conservatives, for all Canadians, is fitting and caught the emotion and heart of Canadians……but was it all just political hype and propaganda carefully constructed and projected to get votes and become the government in Ottawa?.

One glaring image this historic night, were the Liberals and NDP changing positions with the 2015 election results compared to 2011, tarnishing the former NDP leader (Jack Layton) crowning achievement of the 2011 federal election: the seat total.

Canadians had four years to decide if the NDP and their leader Mulcair had what it took for the next step: the official government of Canada.

What is left for the NDP: to go backwards and take back what they had before the 2011 election—-regarding seats, they are already there with their seat total on the night; or, somehow salvage all that at one time promising defeated political talent, for the next election and rise like the figurative phoenix?

I guess time will tell.  If the federal NDP can dust themselves off, chose a more dynamic, engaging, charismatic leader that young and old alike can be moved and aroused by.  

Oh, wait…Justin Trudeau is already taken….Just Saying….

More to say in the coming days.