Just Saying…..Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly

August 7, 2015       Andrew Chernoff

What is more appalling in the video: the quotes in the question of accountability of Donald Trump by Megyn Kelly OR the laughter of both men and women to the alleged derogatory comments attributed to Donald Trump to specific women and of woman kind in general?

I watched the debate from the comfort of my couch and could not believe that the live audience did such disrespect to women and woman kind by laughing, deriving entertainment to something that Trump not only said and was being held accountable for, but Megyn Kelly purposely allowed to go unchallenged,  with out comment or condemnation,  either during the debate or after it was over. SHAME!!!!!!!

The hypocrisy shown by Kelly and her fellow moderators impeaches their credibility, as they condoned and aided the ”war on women” .

It is fine to make somebody accountable for what they say or do…but to let others go unchallenged when they obviously have no real distaste for those same actions or comments, is nothing more then continuing to enable the degrading of women and woman kind. SHAME!!!!!!

Kelly knew she was going to quote Trump regarding those comments. Prior to starting the question, she could have politely asked the audience and candidates for no reaction out of respect for women and woman kind. Or phrased the question differently.

Kelly phrased the question for maximum reaction and FOX bite material, feeding her narcissism and desire to increase her stature in the media and with the FOX network. SHAME!!!!!!!

Kelly diminished herself as a woman, by demonstrating insincerity behind the intent behind the question. It seems her temperament is just fine thank you and clearly not worried about Hilary Clinton calling her out for being part of the “war on women” . A double standard and sexist as well.

It was not first and foremost to make Trump accountable for what Trump said. The sensationalism of Trumps actual words, was what was first and foremost in her mind….she rubbed her hands together and put herself in the position of a Morton Downey Jr and relished the opportunity to become an evocateur. SHAME!!!!!!!

A fact check on August 7 by CNN, the day after the GOP first debate, indicated that Kelly lacked in professionalism by not making sure her quotes attributed to Donald Trump were accurate and true; or that the women made subject to such comments actually took offense in the way Kelly believed they should and thereby actually perpetuated the “war on women”.

It seems many people leave their morals, ethics and beliefs they say they aspire to behind when a GOP Debate on television attracts millions of viewers and candidates running for President. And when faced with the shoe being on the other foot, look for sandals to wear instead. WHAT A SHAME.

Just saying……